Jay-Z Makes "History"

Jay-Z Makes 'History'
In case you weren't paying attention, the Obama inauguration was kind of a big deal. Especially in the rap community, where artists have been bringing heat with new tracks like Nas's "Black President" and Young Jeezy's superfluously titled but ultimately better "My President is Black."

In keeping with the times, Jay-Z unveiled a brand new track called "History" at the Neighborhood Ball, aired by ABC on inauguration night. The track, which can also be found in a studio version around the internet, features Jay spitting lofty verses about making history atop a sped-up soul sample and suitably epic chorus.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Hova loosely explained his lyrical concept behind the song, stating, "The 'History' record is really about - once again - about making history... But I use different words as if they were women: 'Success. I met success and success was a sister of defeat.' You know, if you listen to the record it's pretty much talking about trying to find victory, victory being a woman, and so me and victory can make a kid - the kid being history, and then history tells your legacy. It's deep but it's fun. It's not really that complicated."

What is complicated is trying to figure out just when Jay's upcoming album, The Blueprint 3, will drop. As we've previously reported, Jay and Kanye have been hard at work on the new record, having already unveiled the song "Jockin' Jay-Z." Whether or not "History" makes the eventual cut is anyone's guess but it's certainly a good enough track to merit inclusion.

Jay-Z "History"