Jason Lytle Releases Free Christmas Album Online, Gets Working on Second Solo Record

Jason Lytle Releases Free Christmas Album Online, Gets Working on Second Solo Record
Back in 2000, Jason Lytle wrote one of our favourite indie rock Christmas tunes ever, "Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland," with his old band Grandaddy. Now, several years later, we're pumped to report that Lytle is again spreading a little yuletide cheer, this time by giving away a new Christmas record online.

The free giveaway is simply called Merry X-Mas 2009 and is made up of seven "improvised instrumental" songs. It can be downloaded for the price of an email here.

On his website, Lytle explains: "I set up some microphones and recorded about 35 minutes of improvisational piano music. It just so happens that playing my piano at home is one of my favourite things to do (in terms of music) so it was nice to be able to capture some of these moments of me playing aimlessly and relaxed.

"So... in appreciation to those of you who bought my album this year, or came to the shows, or donated money to help my sister, or even to those of you who did none of those things... here is a gift from me."

But Lytle has more up his sleeve than just a new Christmas album. He also broke the news that he's currently working on the follow-up to this year's pretty stellar return-to-form, Yours Truly, The Commuter, his first full-length solo album. There aren't many details about the new album yet, but he does say, "I am currently at work on a new album. And although I'm quite sure none of the songs will end up on the radio, I'm guaranteeing that this will be the weirdest, most wonderful mayhem I have made yet."

Merry X-Mas 2009:

1. "Last Conversation In Waltz Time"
2. "Wild Animals Slowly Approaching The Lovely Country Funeral"
3. "Out Cold On Indian Ambien"
4. "Meeshell"
5. "Good Chord Song For LP Two"
6. "Bird Feeder Soap Opera Plot"
7. "SepDecember Song"