Janet Jackson "Burnitup!" (ft. Missy Elliott)

Janet Jackson 'Burnitup!' (ft. Missy Elliott)
We already knew that Janet Jackson had teamed up with Missy Elliott for a track from the forthcoming Unbreakable, and having already premiered the song in live form, the iconic pop star has now shared the studio version of "Burnitup!"

This song begins with a rallying rap from Missy, who hypes listeners up for Jackson and makes some kitty-quoting "meow" sounds. Elliott also returns later in the track, and this — combined with the song's thumping electronic swagger and DJ-encouraging melodies — makes for an energetic pop anthem.

The song premiered on MistaJam's BBC Radio 1 show. Hear it at the 00:55:29 mark right here. (It plays twice in a row.)

Unbreakable is out on October 2 through Rhythm Nation/BMG. See Jackson's tour schedule here.