Jane's Addiction Frontman Perry Farrell Recalls the Time He Got His Dog High on Weed

Jane's Addiction Frontman Perry Farrell Recalls the Time He Got His Dog High on Weed
Image via Brian Birzer
Though they barked all over the Jane's Addiction song "Been Caught Stealing," alt-rock legend Perry Farrell has maintained a solid relationship with dogs over the years. In fact, Farrell's so close to his current dog that he even shares his weed with him.

Before you call animal services, you should note that Farrell's THC-ingesting pup did so without his owner's knowledge. Speaking with The Jason Ellis Show on SiriusXM, Farrell recalled what happened when his pooch got high.

"I had to bring my dog to the vet two days ago. He got a hold of a roach, you ever see a dog that's high on weed? Me neither, I didn't know what the hell was wrong with my dog," Farrell recalled. "He was wobbling, and his back didn't match up to his front. He was walking and he couldn't get his hind legs to walk with his front legs."

Farrell added that it was "good weed — this is a hybrid of Sativa and Indica." He had smoked it in his backyard with a friend, but their sesh was cut short so they left the roach on a picnic table.

"I come back, and I couldn't find it," Farrell recalled. "I'm real good about my roaches, I couldn't find this fuckin' roach."

He continued, "Anyway, later on that afternoon I take my dog for a walk, for the first time in his life I put the collar on him. I'm trying to pull this dog out of this crate, and he won't go. So I'm yanking him by the neck like I'm hanging him. He's like, 'Fuck no, I'm not going!' I thought this is really weird, he doesn't like being walked now. I said I'll make it up to him, when he gets out there I'm going to give him a treat. So he's trying to walk, his back is banging to the wall, and he's looking at me real weird. I said to my wife, 'Something's wrong, I think the Seymour the neighbor poisoned him because he's barking.'"

Fortunately, Farrell wasted no time in getting help for his dog.

"So we took him to the vet right away, and the vet goes, 'Okay. Do you have rat poison?' I go, 'No, no. But our neighbour Seymour, he hates our dogs. He's banging pots to try to make him bark and everything, I catch this guy.' So anyways she goes, 'Any chance he could have been engaged in marijuana?' I go, 'Oh! That's what it was.'"

And that's the story of the time Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction got his dog high on weed.