Jane Ehrhardt Songs from the Trajectory

Quebec City’s Jane Ehrhardt creates a beautiful mess on Songs from the Trajectory, exploring variants of rock and soul, and attentively infusing her tunes with great passion and detail. Bred in New Brunswick, Ehrhardt possesses a unique openness to different styles and sounds, staying the course and taking left turns within any given composition while appearing sure-footed and confident about her route. The overarching framework is likely pop music but Ehrhardt projects her full-throated voice into different feelings with unique conviction, blurring predictable parameters. She swerves through a cool funk groove on "Song to Save Me” before emoting through an endearingly clumsy chorus structure. Weaving within the wah-wah-soaked lounge jazz of "Oh So Guilty” as easily as ripping through the Sleater-Kinney punk rush of "The Rosebush & The Radio,” Ehrhardt pulls off a delightfully uneven feat on Songs from the Trajectory, which promises greater things to come. (P572)