Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars Goes Solo for 'Blaze Colour Burn'

Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars Goes Solo for 'Blaze Colour Burn'
Last year, Mouse on Mars ended a six-year drought by issuing both an EP and their Parastrophics album, but member Jan St. Werner will focus on some solo work in 2013, having announced a new LP called Blaze Colour Burn. Thrill Jockey delivers the set June 11.

A press release notes that Blaze Colour Burn is the first instalment in Werner's new Fiepblatter series, which apparently gives him the opportunity to explore "electro-acoustic experimentation, algorithmic elements, scored music, digital signal processing, field recordings, improvisation, public performance and graphic works."

Blaze Colour Burn is composed of six pieces that follow that criteria. The two "Spiazzacorale" tracks, for instance, were edited down from a much larger eight-hour performance at a public piazza in Italy, and are made up of "a flute orchestra, a traditional Umbrian band playing a time-stretched chord derived from the harmonics of the piazza's church bells, a lone vibraphonist in the piazza centre, and pre-recorded music sounding from inside the piazza's cafes."

"Serra Beacon," meanwhile, is an edit of a score of guitar feedback and "mischievous, mutant electronics" originally produced an abstract short film from Helado Negro (aka Roberto Lange). Electro-acoustic passages "Cloud Diachroma" and "Sipian Organ" are likewise from larger scores, but for the films of visual artist Rosa Barba.

You can sample the set's "Feed Opener" down below.

Blaze Colour Burn:

1. Cloud Diachroma
2. Spiazzacorale B
3. Feed Opener
4. Serra Beacon
5. Spiazzacorale A
6. Sipian Organ