Jamie xx, Faith No More and Our Summer Festival Guide Fill Exclaim!'s June Issue

Jamie xx, Faith No More and Our Summer Festival Guide Fill Exclaim!'s June Issue
The summer solstice is approaching, which means it's our favourite time of the year: festival season. We know you're excited, and we know you're overwhelmed; with so many major events and massive acts approaching, it's difficult to decide which to attend. Exclaim! makes it easy with our annual Summer Music Festival Guide, an essential part of our June Issue, which features a slew of new interviews, reviews and features. Below, you can find a little taste of what to expect in the latest Exclaim! issue, but for the full scoop, you'll have to pick up a copy at the street box closest to you.
The cover of this issue boasts the shy visage of UK beatmaker Jamie xx. We caught up with the renowned DJ to discuss the inspirations, challenges and triumphs represented by his first solo record, In Colour. Of his new songs, he says that, "My structures will always be more like songs than dance tracks. The integral part is that it makes me feel something." Experience what he feels by reading the cover story, above.
June's Timeline feature focuses on an American rock band that has been credited for impacting the world of aggressive music and inventing the alternative metal genre. We document the ever-evolving experimentation of Faith No More from their establishment in 1977, and shed light on the rumours circulating about their future. Plus, there's a whole lot of pee-drinking. Read the full feature in the new issue to know what we mean.
Buffy Sainte-Marie provides answers to this month's Questionnaire. After experiencing a multi-decade musical, spiritual, political and educational journey, the groundbreaking artist shared great insights with Exclaim!, including confessions about her career, greatest fears and why you shouldn't sign your publishing rights away on the back of a napkin.
This issue's Music School is taught by New Pornographers singer and keyboardist Kathryn Calder. She invited us into her home studio, which has afforded her a musical reinvention. It's there that she learned to use ProTools, which allowed her to experiment with demoing and creating music entirely independently. "Now if I want to write a song, I can just do it," she tells us, among the other inspiring sentiments she offers.
Our June issue also contains an interview with Brandon Flowers, best known as the frontman for the Killers. In our interview, he shows gratitude to other bands for the success of his second solo album, The Desired Effect. "There are all kinds of influences," he says, acknowledging melodies that were inspired by rockabilly, soft rock and even gospel artists. "It ended up working really well." 

You'll also find interviews with Patrick Watsonthe Milk Carton Kids, Brendan Philip, Arcturus, Hop Along and Shamir alongside the usual onslaught of reviews, concert photos and charts.

And of course, you'll want to pick up our latest issue for the Exclaim! Summer Music Festival Guide. In its 11th annual publication, the guide provides locations, dates, prices and lineups for Canada's most anticipated events, including Squamish, Field Trip, Phillips Backyard Weekender, Mosofest, Sandbanks New Waves Festival, Heart Fest, Pop Montreal, Bestival and Folk on the Rocks. These gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to catch artists such as Drake, My Morning Jacket, Giorgio Moroder and Florence and the Machine. The guide also offers insights about the speakers, vendors, art instalments and other features that are unique to each respective event.

Pick up a copy at your favourite bar, coffee shop, record store or street box near you or risk missing out!