James K and Gobby Ready SETH Album for 1080p

James K and Gobby Ready SETH Album for 1080p
The year 2015 is already packed with new releases from Vancouver's veritable 1080p Collection, and the label's back with yet another announcement. SETH, the collaborative project between Gobby and Jamie Krasner, will release a new record.

The release is called This is True (SUNSETH), and it's made up of six new tracks from the duo. It marks their second album overall, and first for 1080p under this specific moniker.

As for what it sounds like, you'll have to wait for an audio sample. The accompanying press release doesn't give much by way of description, instead building a mythology around the group:

SETH is whimsical. SETH is half-self-conscious, twice as demonic. It works in another dimension, throwing a few shaky rope bridges when absolutely unnecessary. It's using time for all that it's worth, not quite leaving any space to breathe.

This is True (SUNSETH) will arrive on June 2 from 1080p. The album can be pre-ordered here.

This is True (SUNSETH):

2. SlimDu
3. METH FACE (I Can't Wait)
5. REST NOW (Surrender)
6. 13th Street Tranyslvania