James Blake's Debut Album Gets North American Release

James Blake's Debut Album Gets North American Release
Last November, we reported that R&B-inflected post-dubstepper James Blake was set to issue his self-titled debut album in the UK on February 7. As cool as the news was, it left North American listeners a little underwhelmed. Fortunately, the smooth singer/producer has just revealed that the set will be available on these shores soon enough.

As Pitchfork reports, Blake has inked a deal with Universal Republic to loose his new album in North America on February 8. Interestingly, while the UK version, released via Interscope and Blake's own ATLAS imprint, will be delivered in traditional CD and LP formats, so far there are only plans to release the album digitally on this continent. That's not to say there won't be a physical version arriving sometime soon, but in the meantime, we're going to have to grab it on iTunes.

You can check out the tracklisting below, as well as an album sampler in the YouTube clip.

James Blake:

1. "Unluck"
2. "The Wilhelm Scream"
3. "I Never Learnt To Share"
4. "Lindisfarne [part 1]"
5. "Lindisfarne [part 2]"
6. "Limit To Your Love"
7. "Give Me My Month"
8. "To Care (Like You)"
9. "Why Don't You Call Me"
10. "I Mind"
11. "Measurements"