James Blake Shares New Album Plans, Talks Bon Iver Collaboration

James Blake Shares New Album Plans, Talks Bon Iver Collaboration
Though we're still a couple of weeks away from the release James Blake's new EP, Enough Thunder, the English post-dubstep crooner already has his sights set on a new album. What's most interesting about the as-yet-unrecorded full-length follow-up to Blake's self-titled debut is that the syrupy beatsmith is considering swapping out pre-programmed percussion for a live drummer.

Speaking with the BBC 6Music, Blake explained that following his current set of tour dates, he's going to find himself a flesh-and-blood skin pounder to fill out his rhythm section.

"When I come off tour, I want to keep the musical conversation up with the band and just try and maybe replace the drum machine with someone who's just an incredible drummer and still have the electronicness going on but I don't know," he explained. "I'm just brainstorming. There's loads of things I know I could do that would switch up my current process and that's what I need to do."

As much praise as the crooner's electronic work has received, he feels adding a human metronome will broaden his horizons. 

"I feel like I've slightly exhausted, not the possibilities, but the inspiration that I get from sitting in front of a computer screen and trying to piece music together."

Along with sharing his thoughts about his upcoming album's possible directions, Blake spoke about his recent collaboration with Bon Iver, saying, "Justin [Vernon] was a massive influence on me, not just in terms of the music but in what they were doing as a minimal record. I met him at SXSW and we got chatting and turned out he was a fan of me as well and for quite a while I couldn't actually believe that, but it's true apparently."

You can check out Blake's remaining tour dates, perhaps his last ever with a drum machine, here.

As previously reported, Enough Thunder comes out October 11 on Atlas.