James Blake "Timeless"

James Blake  'Timeless'
James Blake hasn't revealed too much about his highly anticipated next album, but he did title it Radio Silence and give us a preview of the new material with a song called "Modern Soul" earlier this year. Now, he's shared a second single off the forthcoming release.
Blake made a surprise appearance on BBC Radio 1 last night (April 14) and dropped a new track called "Timeless."
Though any firm details about the record's arrival remain vague, the musician did assure listeners that he's completed work on the album — and it's gonna be a long one. He revealed that Radio Silence will feature a whopping 18 songs, with one track clocking in at over 20 minutes.
Despite its name, "Timeless" is just a four-minute cut, and it's time well spent. Give the moody tune a spin below.