Jamblu 'T-D-F-D-T-U' (album stream)

Jamblu 'T-D-F-D-T-U' (album stream)
While digital music listening can often lead to a mean case of channel surfing, the latest effort by New Delhi experimentalist Jamblu is encouraging the exact opposite.

For Kartik Pillai's new record as Jamblu, T-D-F-D-T-U, he's stated the release is "meant to be heard in one sitting," with the album promising "a myriad of landscapes and emotions best and inevitably experienced alone."

With the record out today (March 1), you can experience that for yourself, ideally on your lonesome, below.

The release marks the third record overall from Jamblu, who also plays in such New Delhi outfits as PCRC and Begum. T-D-F-D-T-U, however, comes mixing a mash of styles, touching on everything from darkened hip-hop to obscured Burial-isms to drone-washed ambient passages.

A press release states, "In listening to it, one may feel unsure whether to bob their head or to place said head on a shelf for a more reflexive assessment" — a sentiment that definitely rings true in practice.

T-D-F-D-T-U is out now via Heavy Lark, the Vancouver-based imprint founded by Holy Hum's Andrew Lee and Ash Poon, in North America and Circuit7 in India.

Check it out for yourself below.