​Jagmeet Singh Slid into Rihanna's DMs on Instagram

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Oct 9, 2019

The NDP's Jagmeet Singh definitely became the coolest party leader in Canada last week when Rihanna followed him on Instagram — and it turns out the pair don't just follow each other, but actually had a conversation via direct messages.
Singh appeared on CTV daytime show The Social yesterday (October 8), and revealed that after getting the coveted follow from RiRi, he slid into her DMs to thank her.
The revelation came after the hosts excitedly pointed out that since Rihanna and Singh follow each other, they should be able to DM each other. Singh casually replied, "We have."
He didn't disclose too much of their personal conversations, but did say, "I thanked her and said I was honoured for the follow, and she responded to that."
Singh also mentioned that his wife referred to the day Rihanna followed him as the best day of her life — better than their wedding day.
Watch the segment from The Social below.
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