Jade Tree Signs Direct Effect

Jade Tree Signs Direct Effect
Resuscitated emo/punk label Jade Tree has been on a campaign to bring in some fresh blood to the iconic empire that brought us Joan of Arc and Kid Dynamite. In the wake of recent releases from Dark Blue and You Blew It, Jade Tree's roster has now branched out to include Florida noise rockers Direct Effect.

Jade Tree announced earlier in the day (February 27) that it had signed the Orlando outfit, though it's as yet unclear when the band will officially deliver their label debut. The group put up a feedback-slathered self-titled EP on their Bandcamp page earlier this month, while they issued their 2014 LP Sunburn through Tiny Engines.

While details on the band's next LP are slim to none, vocalist Jeff Fonseca said the following of the band's sonic evolution: "We're learning that less is more, and that being reserved only defines moments of pure loud expression. We just wanna be ourselves and make a challenging record. In a perfect world we'd be the Breeders." 

You'll find as stream of Direct Effect's latest recordings down below, and info on upcoming dates in the U.S. and Europe over here.

Jade Tree revealed earlier in February that they had signed Philadelphia's Dogs on Acid and West Chester, PA's Spraynard for forthcoming releases.