Jack White's Third Man Records to Release YouTube Novelty Hit as a Seven-Inch Single

Jack White's Third Man Records to Release YouTube Novelty Hit as a Seven-Inch Single
Ever since the White Stripes hit it big back in 2001, Jack White has been on a one-man rampage against technology. A vinyl purist who favours analogue recording techniques, he has frequently spoken out against the use of computers in over-processed modern music. This is why it's a little surprising that next week, his Third Man Records will be releasing a seven-inch single of the YouTube novelty hit "A Glorious Dawn." 

The song, which has 1.5 million views on YouTube, was remixed by composer John Boswell, and features the AutoTuned voices of scientists Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking talking about the wonders of the universe over a haunting electro groove. It's a pretty tune, but considering that it's a computerized remix, it's hard to imagine a more uncharacteristic song for White to release.

A message posted on Third Man Records' website describes the song as "a moving arrangement of Carl Sagan's sagacious words culled from his magnificent 'Cosmos' series," and reveals that the single is being released to coincide with Sagan's 75th birthday. In addition to the regular seven-inch record, the label will release 150 copies on "Cosmos Coulored Vinyl." Fifty of these limited edition singles will be randomly inserted into mail orders of "A Glorious Sunrise," and the other 100 will be sold on location at Third Man Records on November 9.

On the flip side of the single will be an etching that replicates the artwork of the Voyager Gold Record, a collection of sounds of music that was sent off into space in 1977 in an attempt to contact other life forms.

In related news, NME reports that Jack White recently turned down Slash's recent request to collaborate on the former Guns N' Roses guitarist's upcoming solo album.