Jack White's Third Man Announces 'Volume Two' in Paramount Records Anthology

Jack White's Third Man Announces 'Volume Two' in Paramount Records Anthology
Evidently a copyright dispute isn't going to stop Jack White's Third Man Records and Revenant Records from continuing in the two-part anthology series The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records. Following last year's Volume One (1917-1932), the second and final chapter will follow on November 18. This one is called Volume Two (1928-1932).

This collection compiles material from Paramount's final five years; a press release notes that, in this time, the label "birthed the entire genre of Mississippi Delta blues and issued some of the most coveted recordings in the history of the medium." Artists from this period include Skip James, Charley Patton, Son House, Tommy Johnson, Geeshie Wiley, the Mississippi Sheiks, Willie Brown and King Solomon Hill. There are 175 artists included in total.

As with Volume One, this was co-produced by Paramount expert Alex van der Tuuk.

While Volume One came housed in a wooden cabinet, this set comes in an aluminum case modelled after a 1930s portable phonograph. It includes six white LPs (each with a holographic image on the vinyl), a metal USB drive containing 800 songs and more than 90 hand-drawn ads from the Chicago Defender, a 250-page large-format hardcover book, and a 400-page illustrated guide to the artists included in the set.

That's what it looks like above. We're not yet sure exactly how much it will cost, but given that Volume One is $400, we're guessing it won't be cheap.