Jack White Unveils 'Lazaretto' Solo Album

Jack White Unveils 'Lazaretto' Solo Album
We're always skeptical about big announcements on April Fool's Day, but this appears to be the real deal: Jack White has announced a new album called Lazaretto, which will be released on June 10 through Third Man Records/Columbia.

If you head over to Third Man's store, you'll discover that White has begun selling limited-edition copies of Lazaretto on white and blue split-colour vinyl as part of the label's latest Vault subscription package. The package also comes with a 7-inch containing demos of two album tracks, plus what an announcement calls a "lavish 40-page hard bound companion piece book full of lyrics, exclusive musical notations, photos and art from Lazaretto."

The first official single will be the title track, but in the meantime, White has debuted a music video for the instrumental cut "High Ball Stepper." Despite not including vocals, it sports many of the same sonic elements as 2012's Blunderbuss, from swaggering riffs to raw distortion to country-tinged rusticity. The music video shows lots of bubbling viscous liquid.

Watch the clip below and stay tuned for the official first single to arrive before long. Fans can purchase the Vault package here.

White has been talking about this new album for a while now. Back in January, he said that he would be finishing up his new record that month.