Jack White Tears into Album Leakers, Says Journalists "Not on the Same Team" as Musicians

Jack White Tears into Album Leakers, Says Journalists 'Not on the Same Team' as Musicians
The notoriously cantankerous Jack White is at it again. Recently, the White Stripe went on a rant saying that journalists leaking albums are fighting against musicians, not with them.

And, sure, he has reason to distrust media types, what with Chicago's Q101 radio station famously playing all of the White Stripes' Icky Thump on the air before it was released and iTunes accidentally letting people buy the Raconteurs' Consolers of the Lonely before its release date.

In a recent interview with Clash Music [via TwentyFourBit], White said that "journalists are not on the same team as musicians and artists. Neither are the VJs or the DJs or the editors - we're not in the same business. I thought we were all in the same business together, but sadly we're not. Because it's the Brazilian journalist who leaked the Shins' album five months ahead of time. He doesn't have any respect for the Shins' music and he doesn't care, so he's not on the same team. The radio station that played [the White Stripes'] Icky Thump weeks before it was released and gave it away to everybody - they're not on the same team as us; they don't care."

White went on to say that albums being leaked ruins the element of surprise that old-school music fans hold so dear to their heart. "That's all that I care about," he said. "That's the hard part for me, that's the heartbreaker for me, all the elements of surprise."

But what White should remember is that when music is leaked in advance it's often by overeager fans simply getting excited about the album, as in the Q101 case, not by mean-spirited antagonists trying their hardest to bring the band down. And what overeager fans should remember is how much these musicians would probably like their albums to remain under wraps until the release date. See? Isn't that easy? Now everyone's happy. Well, except White, who will probably find something else to rail about soon enough.