Jack White Sheds Light on Radiohead's Third Man Recording Session

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 5, 2012

Last month, Thom Yorke tantalized us by hinting that Radiohead had teamed up with Jack White for some sort of project, saying during a set at Bonnaroo festival, "This song is for Jack White. We saw him yesterday. A big thank you to him, but we can't tell you why. You'll find out." Now, White has shed some light on exactly what the singer was talking about.

As we suspected, Radiohead did indeed record at White's Third Man Records studio facility in Nashville. Unlike many Third Man recordings, however, White didn't have any input into the recording.

"I don't know how much to tell about it," White told BBC 6 Music [via NME]. "I didn't play with them or produce it, but they came and recorded at Third Man, and I don't know what else they want to be said about that so that's all I probably can say."

Listen to the interview snippet here.

We must admit: we're a little disappointed to learn that Jack didn't play a part in the recordings, since we were hoping for one of Third Man's Blue Series seven-inches. Still, any confirmed news about Radiohead recording is good news, so we'll have to see what comes of the session.

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