Jack White Says 'Blunderbuss' Began Thanks to RZA Standing Him Up

Jack White Says 'Blunderbuss' Began Thanks to RZA Standing Him Up
Many Jack White fans have been waiting for a solo album from their hero for years, and they'll finally get their wish later this month when he releases Blunderbuss. Well, here's something you might not have known about the forthcoming album: it's only thanks to Wu-Tang Clan's RZA that Jack even made it at all.

In the New York Times' recent interview with the former White Stripes leader, it's revealed that Jack had booked a recording session with RZA, presumably for one of White's many collaborative seven-inches. The session was due to take place at Jack's home studio in Nashville, TN, but the rapper was a no-show.

While waiting on RZA with nothing else to do, White apparently decided to work on his own songs. Before long, this writing blossomed into Blunderbuss.

White had previously mentioned that the album began when an artist didn't turn up for recording, but he referred to the other party only as "someone," and didn't reveal that it was RZA.

White also gave the New York Times the scoop on his separate male and female live bands. When he takes both on tour, only one will perform each night and no one -- not even the players themselves -- will know who until the morning of. What's more, the two bands aren't allowed to listen to each other, because the leader wants them to remain musically distinct.

Blunderbuss is due out April 24 via Third Man/Columbia/XL. The video for "Sixteen Saltines" came out today (April 5). Watch it below.