Jack White Recruits Auctioneer and Accent Imitator to Record Spoken Word Singles

Jack White Recruits Auctioneer and Accent Imitator to Record Spoken Word Singles
As the frontman of the White Stripes, Jack White did some bizarre things -- just see our list of the 10 Weirdest Things the White Stripes Ever Did. Of course, now that band have broken up, that doesn't mean Jack is going to stop doing strange things. His Third Man Records label currently is gearing up to release two oddball spoken word singles, both due out February 22.

One of the seven-inches features YouTube sensation Amy Walker, who is known for imitating accents and has racked up over 5 million views with her video "21 Accents" (see the video below). On the A-side, she shows off her vocal talent by replicating a wide range of accents from around the world; this includes an improvised monologue and a newspaper reading. Her different characters will be represented by 30 different record sleeves (see above).

On the B-side, she's interviewed by White himself. According to an announcement on Third Man Records' website, their discussion covers, "The overuse of the word 'like' by modern teenagers, offending people by speaking in their accents and a wide-range of other topical subjects in an exploration of accents and dialects and how they relate to peoples preconceptions, and influence prejudices." We're hoping this covers her completely inaccurate Toronto voice from "21 Accents" (see below at the 1:51 mark).

The other single features North Carolina auctioneer Jerry King. The A-side is King's interview with White, as they talk about "the history, cadence, rhythm and speed of Jerry's auctioneering."

The B-side is a unique format that the label describes like this: "Side b of this record contains 2 separate grooves! Here we find auctioneer Jerry King walking us through two hypothetical auctions... depending on where the listener drops the needle they will be greeted by either an automobile auction or a tobacco/chocolate cake auction." This is yet another groundbreaking moment for the innovative Third Man Records, which has previously released tri-colour vinyl and a Triple Decker Record.

These seven-inches are a continuation of the label's Green Series, which has previously included a comedy single by Conan O'Brien. The singles will be released in independent record stores and on iTunes. Stay tuned to Third Man Records' website for information about limited-edition tri-colour versions.