Jack White Played a Surprise Raconteurs Show at Vancouver's Neptoon Records and Everyone Freaked Out

The band drew big crowds for their intimate afternoon show
Jack White Played a Surprise Raconteurs Show at Vancouver's Neptoon Records and Everyone Freaked Out
The Raconteurs were in Vancouver over the weekend for a pair of shows at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, but that's not all Jack White and company did while they were in town. The band also played a surprise set at the city's Neptoon Records, and everyone predictably lost their minds.

The Saturday (July 20) afternoon performance was announced the day before it happened, and massive crowds descended upon the store on Main Street. Admission was free and first come, first served. This meant big lines around the block and swarms of people on the street.

Inside, White and the gang played six songs, all from this year's Help Us Stranger. Neptoon doesn't have a stage, so the band simply set up in the corner of the room.

Below, check out some social media posts from the event. See the Raconteurs' tour schedule here, and keep your fingers crossed for some more secret shows along the way.

so that looked fun #jackwhite #theraconteurs 📸 @in_it_to_spin_it @kellirp

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I'm still at a loss for words for this weekend, and still totally overwhelmed. Here are a few highlights: ••• The band usually always declines fan photos. I feel especially lucky that @brendanbensonmusic obliged me! #patrickkeeler declined in the nicest possible way, but signed our stuff, chatted for a min, shook our hands and asked our names. He was purposeful and connected in the moment. Very much appreciated and the moment was a standout. ••• Staying up all night and hanging out with a group of @theraconteurs fans to see them in such an intimate setting was a great decision. It paid off. ••• #theraconteurs / #jackwhite fans are probably my fav. (Sorry Cat Empire fam). I have WAY too many stories to recall here, but Mala, who we met the first night asked me to join her for early entry on night two. This secured us the best spots for the show. Thank you to everyone we met, you really enhanced the experience of this weekend and made it truly special. ••• Seeing @jackwhitelive and #brendanbenson smile while performing is just the best. ••• We could take photos in the #neptoon show, so I did, but didn't really look at my camera. Kept it low, and just randomly clicked or recorded. I'm happy with that happy medium because I wasn't focused on taking photos or video, but still got some and still got right into it. Mostly blown out or unfocused, and mostly screen grabbed from videos. In times like this, I'm very happy I can recall memories with vivid imagery easily. ••• I got a photo with #jackwhite performing. His back is turned. This feels the most appropriate with him. 😂 ••• Watching Jack White lead a band is remarkable. In general, I love watching how bands communicate, but knowing these guys work with no set list it's special to see. Also, seeing the little moments where things are not going right and how they recover is incredible. It definitely happened. ••• The first 50 ppl in line for the #neptoon show got a signed vinyl ($25). Some people declined, so weird. ••• I'm still not sure this weekend was real. Felt like a festival, except it was only one band and their opener. Yes, we saw them 3 times. Yes I would do this again.

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pretty jazzed we got the call from @neptoonrecords to help them with this event. photo courtesy of @davidjamesswanson

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Got some help from these strangers today...

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Raconteurs free show at Neptoon Records. We got in!!!! Yeah!!!!! #LoveJackWhite #Raconteurs #iiloveitloud

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