Jack White Clarifies He's Never Used Heroin, Slams Sites for Mocking His Lack of a Cellphone

Jack White Clarifies He's Never Used Heroin, Slams Sites for Mocking His Lack of a Cellphone
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The endlessly quotable Jack White has been on a tear lately, offering snippets and quips that have revved up the music media machine and provided plenty of laughs across the web. That said, White has had enough of it.

Speaking about the new Raconteurs album, Help Us Stranger, with the Irish Times, White said the album had been delayed because he had started using heroin.

"Well, when Brendan [Benson, his Raconteurs bandmate] gave up alcohol, I started doing heroin, so that delayed things," White said. "It's funny, I'm a big believer that things happen that are supposed to happen — not in any sort of religious or mystical way, but in a 'human nature' kind of way."

Nuance and sarcasm can often be lost in translation between the spoken and written word, and some outlets reported the joke as news.

That inspired White to fight back. In an Instagram post, he said, "I've never done heroin or any other illegal drug in my life and anyone close to me could confirm this. If you'd actually read the article in full, you could see that I was joking."

White also took the time to blast the jokers who made fun of him for never owning a cellphone

"I don't hate people who own cellphones, or never allow one near me, or hate ALL technology etc," he wrote. "Stop painting with such a wide brush. Just because I don't own a cellphone in an attempt to lead a healthy life doesn't mean I hate all technology. Though you'd love me to be the luddite that provides you with cyber laughs 'til the electric cows come home, I hate to break the myth by stating that I listen to digital music, I drive an electric car, and I typed this boring response on my computer."

Read Jack White's full post below.

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