​Jack Antonoff Is Going to Live Score 'The Breakfast Club'

​Jack Antonoff Is Going to Live Score 'The Breakfast Club'
Jack Antonoff is best known as a member of Bleachers and fun., though his songwriting fingerprints are also all over tracks by the likes of Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, Grimes and Sia — not to mention a recent credit for Lorde's "Green Light" and a cameo appearance during her Saturday Night Live gig last week. Now, he's giving whole new meaning to behind-the-scenes music-making.
Next month, Antonoff will live score a screening of John Hughes's 1985 Brat Pack classic The Breakfast Club. The performance is slated to take place at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on April 1 as part of Film Independent at LACMA's "Bring the Noise" series, which pairs up classic films with modern musicians and original live scores.
"I chose The Breakfast Club because I think about that film often when I write," Antonoff told the Los Angeles Times. "There are certain films and feelings that remind me of where I'm from. I grew up in suburban New Jersey in a similar state of strange boredom as The Breakfast Club. I constantly thought about getting out, and that feeling is so present in this film. A lot of my world now is looking back at that time period from different vantage points."
The "Bring the Noise" series kicked off earlier this year and has so far featured Welcome to the Dollhouse scored by Seth Bogart and Alien scored by Yacht.
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