J. Spaceman & Kid Millions "Misha"

J. Spaceman & Kid Millions 'Misha'
Spiritualized leader Jason Pierce is doing double-duty this Record Store Day (April 19). On top of contributing a track to The Space Project compilation, he's issuing a record under his J. Spaceman guise that finds him teaming up with Oneida drum assaulter Kid Millions. "Misha" is the epic 24-minute opener for the set, and you can stream it's slow-building insanity now, a couple months ahead of time.

As you might imagine by the title of Live at Le Poisson Rouge, the four-song effort was recorded last fall during an improvised set at New York's Le Poisson Rouge venue. "Misha" ushers us into the performance with steadily rising drone of piano and spacious drum taps. Elsewhere, Pierce dives into psychedelic wah-wah guitar activity, while other headier sonic textures figure in the tune before coming to a calm, zen-inducing conclusion.

It's a bit of a trip, and you can check it out below.

"Misha" figures on the A-side of the 12-inch, with the 21-minute "Han" featured on the flip. An additional 7-inch contains tracks "New York" and "London." Northern Spy is pressing up the release in a run of 3,000 copies.