J Dilla Honoured with 'The King of Beats' Box Set

J Dilla Honoured with 'The King of Beats' Box Set
Unheard material keeps on emerging from J Dilla's archives. The producer's estate has already honoured the late hip-hop hero with a string of posthumous releases, and the latest of these is The King of Beats (Ma Dukes Yancey Collector's Edition Box Set). It will be out on August 26.

The set will include a heap of unheard tracks. These will be spread across several different formats: there will be 40 beats contained on four 10-inch vinyl records taken from Dilla's "Batches" collection, a cassette with six cuts from "The Lost Scrolls," and even a three-inch floppy disc.

The set is made to look like one of Dilla's favourite samplers, E-Mu SP-1200, and it comes with a commemorative booklet.

"I inspected every part just as Dilla would. Every letter engraved, every statement that was made had to say Dilla," Yancey told Rolling Stone. "With my son, nothing could be ordinary and I had to be certain that the end result would make Dilla smile."

Yancey and her team spent nine months going through beats to compile the set. Still, some of the material contained here is decidedly unpolished; this much is clear from "Filth," which is streaming below. This first take features fumbled rhymes, mumbling, and even Dilla's promise that he will "fill in the lines" later.

Pre-orders begin this coming Tuesday (June 24). Until then, check out photos of the set and read more about it here.