Ivy Long Distance

What a wonderful surprise. Ivy have finally followed up their beautiful Apartment Life release with a handful of more remarkably well-crafted pop songs capped by the stunning vocals of Dominique Durrand. The three-piece have kept with their simple outlook and do an exceptional job of creating some truly catchy hooks with a variety of instruments. As with Apartment Life, Ivy returns with warm acoustics and a touch of horns, but this time the outfit is also packing some beats. Tracks such as "Edge of the Ocean," "Worry About You" and "While We're in Love" make use of some exceptional loops that come across as genuine rather than a pop band trying to cross over to the electronic scene. Ivy has succeeded in equaling their previous release and taking it up a small yet truly welcomed notch with their tinkering of new sounds. Hopefully the trio will expand on this new sound because they've managed to hit on a sweet spot of writing love songs that are at times hypnotising and without a doubt beautiful. (Nettwerk)