Ivy Guestroom

Sadly, this is not the follow-up to the New York-based three piece's stunning Long Distance. Instead, this is a compilation of cover songs that, for the most part, have appeared in some form on previous releases. This offering of covers kicks off with a rather faithful rendition of the Cure's "Let's Go To Bed" slowed down to a slinky tempo and is capped off with Dominique Durand's sultry "doo-doo-doo-doos." Some of the best tracks are the ones that will be familiar to Ivy fans, like their dreamy cover of the remarkable Steely Dan's "Only a Fool Would Say That" and the joyful injection of feel-good pop given to the Blow Monkey's "Digging Your Scene," from the trio's Long Distance. The real treat is the stunning manipulation of "Be My Baby." Originally recorded by the Ronettes, Ivy brings this gem down to a snail's pace and Durand quietly breathes the words over a minimal beat that is engulfed in electronic ambience. With the amazing songwriting ability of Ivy, it's a shame that we're reduced to a quick compilation of covers, but the band's take on various tracks is very rewarding. Definitely a must-have for Ivy fans, for the first half of the record is new material and the second half, pending on how great a fan you are, could be seen as rarities. Just when there were doubts that Ivy might not release another record, it's a very good sign that the band is dropping jewels on a more frequent basis. (Minty Fresh)