​Is Taylor Swift Dropping New Music on Friday?

The singer revealed another snake-y teaser this morning
​Is Taylor Swift Dropping New Music on Friday?
Photo: Rick Clifford
Taylor Swift seems to be back on top of the pop world. After emerging victorious in a highly publicized sexual assault case against a former radio DJ, she's switching the focus back to her music — and according to various reports, we'll be getting some new material this Friday (August 25).
Most are predicting that Swift will be dropping a new single, though Variety has suggested she may surprise us all and deliver a full album.
Traditionally, Swift has released each of her previous albums in October, and some fan theorists posit that she'll take full advantage of a Friday the 13th release date this October — after all, she has a noted obsession with the number 13 (beyond just adding it to her Twitter handle).
The singer is also expected to deliver a brand new music video during this Sunday's (August 27) MTV Video Music Awards. The ceremony is being hosted by her high-profile frenemy Katy Perry.
Last Friday (August 18), Swift stole the entire internet's attention by wiping her social media clean. The move prompted rumours that the rollout of her upcoming sixth studio was about to begin, and she's since unveiled some (forked) tongue-in-cheek teaser videos of a mysterious snake.
This morning (August 23), she's shared another one. This time, the reptile lurches towards the camera and bares its fangs — though we've still yet to receive any audio clues as to what's in the works. Check out the latest video teaser below, and stay tuned to find out exactly what Miss Swift is up to.
Swift's last album, 1989, arrived in October 2014. The album rollout began with the release of single "Shake It Off" on August 18 of that same year.

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