A Is Jump My Ice-Fingered Ghost

A Is Jump are quintet from Iowa who create bittersweet and sentimental lo-fi pop for your ears. Their sound is reminiscent of Guided By Voices, the Beatles and Spoon, with a mix of ’80s bands like the Smiths and XTC thrown in. The male falsetto vocals twist and twirl, blending in with the chamber pop music, creating a compelling concoction of sounds. Opener, "Peeling Space,” starts out straightforward and sweet enough, but then switches to a ton of shoegazer guitars around the bridge that continues until its closing note. "Everglade” and "The Sad-Eyed Truth” has the band doing its best Smiths impression, creating layers of atmospheric sound. The bass is usually very prominent in the band's material and the simple guitar and keyboard solos fare well with the witty and accomplished songwriting. Make no doubts about it, this is a strong, assured debut from a band that will only get better in time. (Future Appletree)