I.R.S. Records Catalogue Finally Goes Digital

I.R.S. Records Catalogue Finally Goes Digital
After years of physical format-only, I.R.S. Records is going digital.

Thanks to a new reissuing campaign by Capitol Records, the long-defunct imprint will begin to offer up its massive back catalogue of releases as DRM-free downloads, meaning for the first time albums by the likes of Gary Numan, Television's Tom Verlaine, Let's Active and Wall of Voodoo will be legally available digitally.

Beginning February 10 and continuing until March 17, more than 100 albums and tracks will be pulled from the I.R.S. vaults during the staggered six-week campaign, most notably the first two dB's albums, Stands for Decibels and Repercussion. Also included are records by the Police's Stewart Copeland, Dread Zeppelin, General Public, Concrete Blonde, Oingo Boingo, Monks of Doom, Timbuk 3, and seven tracks by Lords of the New Church (a super-group that featured Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys, Brian James of the Damned, Dave Tregunna of Sham 69 and Nicky Turner of the Barracudas). Alongside the reissue campaign, Capitol will release four new Best of the I.R.S. Years collections, dedicated to Over the Rhine, dada, Dread Zeppelin and the dB's.

In related news, almost the entire I.R.S. Records catalogue is still readily available on vinyl in most second-hand shops, often for dirt-cheap.

The dB's "Neverland"