Iron Maiden Fan Sues Live Nation After Being Severely Burned at Concert

The California concertgoer claims he nearly lost both his legs after a mosh pit pushed him into a fan-made bonfire
Iron Maiden Fan Sues Live Nation After Being Severely Burned at Concert
Photo: Adam Wills
Following a frightening incident where a man got severely burned at an Iron Maiden concert, a lawsuit has been launched against Live Nation and various other concert organizers.

As California newspaper the Sun reports, 47-year-old concertgoer Mario Esteban Barron was allegedly pushed into a fan-created bonfire at Iron Maiden's concert in San Bernardino, CA, on July 1. The incident apparently left the resident of Apple Valley, CA, so burned that he nearly had to have both his legs amputated.

Barron filed his lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday (October 18), naming Live Nation, Pavilion Partners GP, Staff Pro Inc. and Contemporary Services Corp. as defendants. He is seeking unspecified damages.

According to the lawsuit, Barron was at the Maiden concert this summer with his family when he and one of his relatives came upon a mosh pit formed around a bonfire.

"Attempting to walk around the mosh pit, [the] plaintiff was knocked into the flames by the mosh pit," according to the lawsuit.

It continues to state that Barron felt helpless, and after he was "consumed by the flames, he accepted that he would not survive this ordeal."

The lawsuit goes on the claim that there was no security or first aid immediately available, and Barron was actually rescued by other fans as "the skin on his legs peeled off."

Barron's complaint alleges that he was forced to walk all the way to the entrance of the venue to beg for first-aid. He was eventually taken to hospital, where he received skin grafts and then nearly lost both his legs after the burns became infected.

The case also goes on to allege that Barron "is aware of multiple incidents of guests being severely burned at the subject premises spanning decades."

According to the lawsuit, Barron has not been able to return to job as a result of the incident.

Live Nation has yet to respond to the allegations.