Ipso Facto "Harmonise"

Ipso Facto 'Harmonise'
Why do I get that haunting feeling like I’m at a funeral? That creeping organ sounds like the pronouncement of someone’s death, and those vocals seem friendly but not entirely trusty, like that undertaker who laughs garishly while rubbing his hands with peculiar satisfaction. That’s the first impression of hearing London, England’s Ipso Facto, a macabre bunch of ladies who - if the name wasn’t already taken by Canada’s own garage fiends - would best be represented as "the Gruesomes.” (Of course, they’d be pulling it off with delicious irony.)

Keep in mind, this all comes before even seeing them. Once you set your eyes on the four-piece, well, it all makes complete sense. Photographed only in black and white film, these monochrome beauties make the Horrors’ hairspray-sticky bouffants and histrionic pirate shirts look all the more foolish. Goths wish they could claim Ipso Facto as their own, but quite simply Rosalie, Cherish, Victoria and Samantha are the only citizens in their spook-tastic little world. Although, the smiling and laughing in some photos makes it clear they're likely not as grim as your typical "mall goth" kid.

Having played some gigs with their kindred spirits Effie Briesta, they’re currently building a following thanks to a new single on indie label Disc Error. "Harmonise” is a menacing little oddity, pushing those funereal organ riffs up in the mix to instil a serious case of the heebie-jeebies, while the bass crawls up your skin like a tarantula and vocalist Rosalie Cunningham – sporting the best bob in rock, sorry Rihanna – sings with as much detached beauty as the sorely missed Slant 6 gals. The video adds a nice little drop of their signature style to the song, as they douse themselves in the aged ’50s b-movie/monochromatic scheme they love so much. Ed Wood most definitely could have made them stars.

Ipso Facto "Harmonise”