Invisible Conga People "Cable Dazed"

Invisible Conga People 'Cable Dazed'
The infatigable Italians Do It Better label continues to unearth the most wonderful sub-disco sounds under the stars. While Glass Candy are currently taking over the universe, and Chromatics are hot on their heels, the Jersey-based imprint is expanding its horizon with signings like Invisible Conga People.

From NYC, Eric Tsai and Justin Simon fit in nicely with the Italians, but fail to render anything close to the Italo disco tag that the label seems stuck with. And that's a good thing, as Tsai's "ping pong pang” and Simon's "swish swash swoosh” react for something much more aligned with minimal house, the Balearic side of shoegazing and less teutonic Krautrock.

Their recent debut, a 12-inch called "Cable Dazed" resembles its name, as Tsai and Simon program scraped guitars on delay, while synths follow the trend and arpeggiate the melodies for perhaps the most nocturnal example yet of After Dark activity. Some mysterious layered vocals enter the mix seductively for a soulful turn, but all they do is get you further lost in transmission, sending your senses spiraling into the dead of night.

Buy the "Cable Dazed" 12-inch here.