Internal Bleeding Alien Breed 1991-2001

This is a fans-only affair that collects rare material from the past ten years of Internal Bleeding's existence, so if you're not already on board just wait until next time. The one new track on this is a warning that we better get on board, as it's a blazing death metal slaughter with a nice groove fuelling it, as well as some truly leftfield guitar work. These guys have been plying their trade for a decade now, so they know it well, constructing death metal that is not stale, generic or '92-sounding in any way shape or form. The songs always have a thick toe-tapping groove sublimely hiding behind the intense guttural Suffolation death metal. This album goes way back for old demos and a couple EPs originally released on the infamous Wild Rags Records, which means the pleasure level is varying and ends up bring non-existent for all but the die-hard Bleeders out there. Pass on this one, but be glad there are still bands out there trying to create death metal with a new style. (Olympic)