Integrity Sign to Indie Recordings, Announce 7-inch and New Album Plans

Integrity Sign to Indie Recordings, Announce 7-inch and New Album Plans
Fans of Cleveland-bred hardcore veterans Integrity, get ready for your systems to overload, because the band have announced a couple of releases arriving next year through their new label home, Indie Recordings.

A press release from the label confirms that it has inked a deal with long-running act, and up first for the partnership will be a two-song 7-inch that will arrive February 8 in North America, Norway, Germany and Austria, as well as February 12 in the rest of Europe. The wax slab will feature remastered versions of previously released tunes "Black Heksen Rise" and "VVaiting for the Sun (To Burn Your Eyes Out)," which had both appeared on a 2011 split with Rot in Hell.

In case you missed out on the songs the first time around, Indie Recordings posits that the pair of tracks feature "the band's trademark sound permeated by somewhat more of an obvious Japanese metal influence through raw, driving power chords; explosive solos and crazy tapping runs, and pounding mid-paced breaks with just the right amount of eerie melody." You can check out "Black Heksen Rise" in a grainy black and white video down below.

Additionally, the current lineup of founder/vocalist Dwid Hellion and Robert Orr are plotting a new LP that should hit sometime in the spring. Details are still pending, but this will be the band's first full-length outing since 2010's The Blackest Curse, which had arrived on Deathwish Inc.

Integrity are also playing some European dates this summer, presumably with some other live musicians filling in the gaps.

Tour dates:

7/20 Dresden, Germany - Chemiefabrik

7/21 Gdansk, Poland - Tattoo Konwent

8/5 Toulouse, France - Le Saint Des Seins

8/9 Comacchio, Italy - Voodoo Club

8/18 Hengelo, Netherlands - Innocent

8/20 Berlin, Germany - Cassiopeia

8/21 Hamburg, Germany - Headcrash

8/22 Oslo, Norway - Bunker Festival

8/24 Lichtenstein, Germany - Voice Of Art Festival