Integrity Offshoot Psywarfare Returns For Split with Rot In Hell

Integrity Offshoot Psywarfare Returns For Split with Rot In Hell
Cleveland-bred hardcore crushers Integrity hit big this year with the release of their Suicide Black Snake LP, but band mastermind Dwid will up his profile another notch by resurfacing with his long-dormant noise project Psywarfare for a split with UK unit Rot in Hell.

A press release confirms that after nearly 14 years of inactivity, Dwid is bringing back Psywarfare for the Operation: Enduring split, which Magic Bullet Records will serve up digitally on November 22 and on vinyl November 29.

While sound samples have yet to arrive, Dwid's solo project will offer up four new tunes, including the beastly-titled "When Blood Consumed My Knife" and "Draining Bernice Worden" (Worden was a victim of serial killer Ed Gein). Rot in Hell, meanwhile, will contribute three tracks of Holy Terror-styled hardcore. You can check out the tracklisting in full down below.

Also arriving November 29 through Magic Bullet is CD and digital release of Systems Overload (A2/Orr Mix), a remastered version of Integrity's monumental Systems Overload LP. The vinyl edition arrived earlier this year through Organized Crime Records.

Operation: Enduring split :

Rot In Hell
1. Parthenogenesis
2. Theodolite and Pendulum
3.Poetry of Worms

1. My Lover is the Queen of the Night
2. When Blood Consumed My Knife
3. Draining Bernice Worden
4. Collisional Thought Depravation