Injuries Reported at Phoebe Bridgers Concert in Toronto Following Crowding Issues

Attendees say the show was paused at least five times for members of the crowd to receive medical attention
Injuries Reported at Phoebe Bridgers Concert in Toronto Following Crowding Issues
Injuries have been reported after issues with crowding when singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers brought her long-awaited North American Reunion Tour to Toronto's RBC Echo Beach last night (June 7).

Bridgers had to pause the show at least five times for people in the crowd to receive medical attention, many reportedly losing consciousness and/or suffering from panic attacks.

"I didn't experience any pushing or shoving myself," Kevin Kania told CTV News Toronto, adding that he witnessed other fans lose consciousness. "I saw maybe three security guards show up and pick up whoever fainted and take them out of the crowd."

Toronto paramedics confirmed to CTV that they attended the event and transported two people to a local hospital with minor injuries. They also expect there were others who had fallen unconscious.

"I've never been to a show where so many people passed out or needed medical attention," Erin Laidley told the outlet. "A lot of people near the front had camped out, in the rain, for 12-plus hours to get barricade, so some of the medic calls could've been from feeling faint because of dehydration or not eating enough before the show."

In spite of the weather, with rain not letting up until around 4 or 5 p.m. ET yesterday, many dedicated Bridgers fans arrived at the venue early in hopes of getting to the front of the general admission show.

Everyone who lined up — about 200 people by the door time of 6 p.m. ET, according to witnesses — was let in at once, which prompted a stampede. People were punched, pushed and trampled as they rushed across the outdoor venue's sand beach to get a spot on the barricade. Sammy Talukder, another fan who spoke with CTV, called it "extremely unorganized" on behalf of the venue and the promoter.