Inglourious Basterds Actress Mélanie Laurent Teams Up with Damien Rice for Debut Album

<i>Inglourious Basterds</i> Actress Mélanie Laurent Teams Up with Damien Rice for Debut Album
Breaking out as the female lead in Quentin Tarantino's Nazi bloodlust flick, Inglourious Basterds, French actress Mélanie Laurent is already showing massive diversity. Alongside a role in Mike Mills's upcoming indie film, Beginners, Laurent has teamed up with Damien Rice (who happens to be her ex-boyfriend) to co-produce her debut album.

 The ten-song LP is called En T'Attendant and sees Rice working with Laurent as co-producer and co-writer for half of the tracks, with Joel Shearer producing the other half. Speaking with Ireland's Herald [via TwentyFourBit], Laurent explained how the album came together with the following statement:

It's a crazy story. I went to Woodstock [over two years ago] to record the album and I was unhappy with what happened there. I called my manager and asked him to call Damien Rice's manager and organize something. I didn't expect him to come, but he did, and we started to work together. I fired everyone and followed him to Ireland. He taught me everything about being a musician. I was a huge, huge fan, so it was weird for me to just speak with him like it's natural...

En T'Attendant will be released on May 2 via Atmospheriques. The album's title track can be heard below.