Infinite Livez Bush Meat

From Britain comes the brilliantly hilarious Infinite Livez with his sophomore album, Bush Meat. Probably best known for his "Pononee Girl” seven-inch, a story about a man who visits a nightclub and picks up a My Little Pony for a shag, Infinite Livez is not afraid to get a little silly (or perverted) with his raps. Luckily he has the skills to back it up, reinforced by his Cockney accent. "Pononee Girl” appears on Bush Meat, but it’s new songs like "The Adventures of the Lactating Man” that prove Infinite Livez is still serious about his abstract sense of humour. It doesn’t hurt that the quirky beats never fail to bump, like the crunchy, synthetic funk bass and videogame samples of "Spade Invaders” featuring Alpha Prhyme. Guest appearances also come from Defisis, Miho, Gandhi Warhol, a superb Sir Ster, and IL’s Shadowless crew. There are also a couple of narrative appearances from Barry Convex, a red Cyclops-bear that features heavily in the mythology of Inifinte Livez and the artwork of the album. Although a humorous mascot, it’s these appearances and the many interludes that slow the album’s momentum. It doesn’t prevent Bush Meat from being one of the best rap albums to drop out of Britain, though. But I’m still not sure exactly what bush meat is. (Big Dada)