Infernal Stronghold Godless Noise

Having named their label KVN (Kill Varg Now), one can imagine what sort of music Infernal Stronghold unleash with Godless Noise. Then again, such a title should be somewhat of an omen as well. The reference to Bathory main man Varg Vikernes is rather apt, given that Godless Noise wallows in the North American version of black metal. It's an endless onslaught of dudes bashing their instruments as quickly and incoherently as humanly possible then drenching the results in an ocean of reverb to give it that "pit of hell" feel. While the album is somewhat amusing initially, there is a questionable amount of ability and effort put into recording, given that one can only hear smashing cymbals and screeching. It's the kind of stuff genre scenesters listen to in an effort to be avant garde, failing to realize that it's so messy that it never catches on. If these guys can increase their production values even modestly something discernible might come out. As is, it's just bat cave cacophony. (KVN)