Indicator Indicator "No Anthem"

Indicator Indicator 'No Anthem'
Hailing from Winnipeg, alt-pop unit Indicator Indicator are making their way to Toronto for NXNE this week, and to mark the occasion, Exclaim! has got the premiere of their brand new single "No Anthem."
The tune will appear on the band's upcoming EP Elan Locomotif, which hears the group fully and unabashedly embracing pop sensibilities. Describing their sound as "left of centre" but still full of catchy hooks, it's not just your average pop music.
"I love pop music because it's so inclusive," said frontman and primary songwriter Sandy Taronno in a statement. "It's not like other genres, with built-in or even self-limiting audiences. I love the idea that pop really is a big tent that invites everyone to the party."
"No Anthem" welcomes everyone in with it's unique mix of sparky guitars, glitchy synths and high-energy vocals. Despite the track's title, it's a tune that could easily serve as the anthem to any start-of-summer party.
You can join in the celebration at the band's upcoming NXNE show on June 20 at the Rivoli. Until then, Hit play below and let the infectious pop power of "No Anthem" wash over you in the box below.