In Thy Dreams Highest Beauty

Three members of Sweden's excellent thrash band Carnal Forge are in In Thy Dreams, but In Thy Dreams incorporates much more melody into their thrash onslaught. It's easy to call In Thy Dreams a more Gothenburg-influenced Carnal Forge, but that's exactly what they are. The smart melodies and fast riffing of In Flames and At the Gates combined with the relentless straight-ahead thrash attack of Carnal Forge, or contemporaries the Haunted and Dew-Scented, are what In Thy Dreams offers on this ten-song album. The playing time is manageable as well, an important aspect that more metal bands need to realise. What In Thy Dreams lack in originality (let's face it, you've heard this before) they make up for in competency, aggression and energy. (Century Media)