Impiety Kaos Kommand 696

Get a load of this amazing cover art, featuring giant goat/humanoid monsters holding machine guns and inverted crosses whilst they traverse through Hell! Too metal. Apparently Impiety is the most extreme black/death band from Asia, and I can't think of too many valid competitors, as these guys absolutely rage. Machine-like precision propels their blackened death attack, and what they lack in originality they make up in sheer head-banging insanity. A clear and thick production with a natural feel to it helps drive this sledgehammer of satanic madness home. And yes, the cover art and band photo with the guys draped in bullet belts, along with song titles like "Christfuckingchrist" and "Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts" are all in good tongue-in-cheek fun (I hope), so turn that face-painted frown upside down and enjoy a truly killer black/death album. (Osmose)