Impaled Nazarene All That You Fear

Finland’s gun-totin’ black metal mercenaries are back with All That You Fear, their eighth studio album. And it’s more of the same wonderful punk-infused, nihilistic black metal that the band has perfected. We’re talking real heavy stuff here, no keyboards in sight, no wimpiness allowed in any way, shape or form (although that riff at the 50 second point in "The Endless War” is a bit too elfin for my liking). Just raw, simplistic (almost stupidly so at times) extreme metal with a real sense of hate propelling it along nicely, thank you very much. Easily in the top five of the world’s black metal elite, All That You Fear is simply one more reason why Impaled Nazarene rule at creating a brutal, extreme atmosphere in their music, where many of their peers fall hilariously short. Man, not much more can be said at this point in the game; like I said, it’s their eighth album. I think you know by now if you’re on board or not. (Osmose)