Immortal Blamed for Cancellation of Rock City Open Air 2009 After They Pull Out of Romanian Metal Fest

Immortal Blamed for Cancellation of Rock City Open Air 2009 After They Pull Out of Romanian Metal Fest
The Romanian metal fest Rock City Open Air 2009 has been cancelled, and rumours are flying that it's the fault of Norwegian black metallers and would-be festival headliners Immortal.

Apparently, as part of Immortal's performance conditions (which may or may not involve inverted-cross-shaped M&Ms on their rider), the band wanted 25-percent of their fee in advance, according to Metal Underground. They got that but then pulled out of the show, not returning the cash from the advance. This in effect caused the festival to have insufficient funds to put on the concert, reports Metal Underground.

Immortal have posted the following statement on their website: "Regretfully, Immortal will not be performing at the Rock City Open Air in Romania, 
where we were scheduled to perform Saturday August 22. The contract that we agreed on was not honoured within the deadline from the promoter, thus making our participation impossible.

"We still hope to meet our Romanian fans in the future!"

On Rock City Open Air 2009's MySpace page, the festival also posted a message to fill in some of the blanks, saying the fest has been postponed, not cancelled.

"The postponing proved unavoidable due to the fact that Immortal, the main headliner, has decided to cancel their show," part of the statement reads. "Under these circumstances, with only 810 tickets pre-sold and the cancellation of the Immortal show, we have decided not to risk. This cancellation has amplified the public's distrust, a distrust lasting for nine months and seems to have become certainty."

Requests made by Exclaim! to both parties for further information were not immediately returned.

Immortal's new disc, All Shall Fall, drops on September 25 through Nuclear Blast Records. It is their first since 2002's Sons of Northern Darkness, after which the band took some time off.

Rock City's line-up was to include, amongst many others, Mayhem, Amon Amarth, Primal Fear, Onslaught, Solitude Aeturnus, Belphegor, Blood Red Throne and Hollenthon.