Imbibe with Charlotte Cornfield's New Single "Drunk for You"

Check out the track's dreamy DIY video
Imbibe with Charlotte Cornfield's New Single 'Drunk for You'
Toronto-based singer-songwriter Charlotte Cornfield has shared "Drunk for You," the newest single off her upcoming album Highs in the Minuses

The artist explained the all-too-familiar inspiration for the song — how the head can be rendered powerless against the heart in the face of a toxic relationship. "Sometimes desire betrays logic, and you end up at somebody's door even after you've talked yourself out of it, in all of the ways," she said in a statement. "​​And that feeling can be intoxicating. And it can be painful."

Cornfield detailed the sense of solitude needed to render the intimacy of the single:

I recorded this song after the rest of the band had left the studio. It was just me, in the big room at the grand piano, and Howard and Shae in the control room behind the glass. I remember I felt truly alone, in a way that I needed to be to sing it properly. We did two takes and kept the first one, and if you listen closely you can hear the piano bench squeaking a little bit in the background, which makes it feel close and immediate.

The track arrives alongside an appropriately understated video — homemade in Lake Ontario with her brother filming and her mom cueing the song. It sees the Canadian artist gently caressed by waves as she stands immersed waist-high in the soft light of dusk. The singer-songwriter's evocative lyrics take centre stage as her melodic voice cascades over the gentle piano accompaniment.

Cornfield noted the final wave in the video swelled against her and nearly swallowed her up. "We kept getting deeper and deeper in the water, and I didn't even notice the rolling wave that came and swept me away at the end," she admitted. A serendipitous moment — near metaphorical in its suggestion of being at the mercy of forces greater than yourself. 

Highs in the Minuses is due to arrive on October 29 via Next Door Records in Canada and Polyvinyl/Double Double Whammy elsewhere.

Watch the video for "Drunk for You" below.