ILOVEMAKKONEN "Live for Real" (video)

ILOVEMAKKONEN 'Live for Real' (video)
While yesterday (March 15), ILOVEMAKONNEN was praising the concept of hanging out "Solo," he's brought a full team of riders along with him in the next preview from his about-to-be-released Drink More Water 6 project. A new video for the record's "Live for Real" is online now.

Claiming he'll sleep when he's dead, a juiced-up ILOVEMAKONNEN is found whipping through streets on motorbikes, hopping around smoked-out parking garages with snarling pups and enjoying spit sessions by a pool with a band of bros.

Sitting somewhere between a hip-hop vid and a Fox motocross advertisement, the video for ILOVEMAKONNEN's new, snapped-and-clapped cut can be found below.

As previously reported, Drink More Water 6 arrives in full this Friday (March 18) through Warner Bros.