Iggy Pop Immortalized as Emaciated Action Figure

Iggy Pop Immortalized as Emaciated Action Figure
Seeing as punk godfather Iggy Pop is one of the most celebrated music figures of all time, it's surprising that it took this long for the guy to get his own figurine. Toy manufacturer NECA was the one to step up to the plate and are now set to release a lifelike miniature of the animated rock legend.

Interestingly, sculptors chose to present Pop as he looks now, as opposed to in his prime. The figure features long, wriggly blond locks tossed atop Pop's head. His punk rock snarl scrunches up his puss to reveal some serious age lines. His bare-chested body, meanwhile, is contorted and emaciated, showcasing his rail-thin physique through taut skin, protruding ribs and bulging veins.

We may have chosen a healthier-looking, bowl-cutted Stooges-era Iggy, complete with a tiny tub of peanut butter to smear all over him, but that's just us. As freaky as the doll is though, it will still look great among your collection of Iron Maiden figurines and Kiss bobble heads.

You can order the action figure at Toys R Us.

Thanks to Dangerous Minds for the tip.