Idjut Boys Saturday Nite Live

Nuphonic’s graphics department will not be winning any awards for the cover of Saturday Nite Live. The painful violet to mustard wash that adorns this disc, along with its impossibly corny title, will surely put off the average record buyer. That would be a real shame because the Idjut Boys have put together a classic summertime mix. All the elements of a great DJ experience are present: a balance between urgency and coolness, perfect selection of old and new (it’s so nice to hear Vince Montana’s classic “It Must be Love,” from 12 years ago, serving as the emotional high point of the mix), and constantly evolving beats. Fusion, disco, house, African and Latin styles join together and are enhanced by the Boys’ studio re-edits. The re-edits and dub effects are actually quite pronounced, but they always complement what’s happening in the music. The effect is not unlike Francois Kevorkian’s electro-dubs of the mid-’80s — even electro mainstays Konk show up in a dubbed out fashion. Were Paradise Garage DJ Larry Levan still alive, he might be playing like this. Bypass the cover and head straight for your own personal dance floor. (Nuphonic)